• The preferred way of making remote presentations is by using the VRVS system. In some cases remote presentation via Skype can be considered.

    The remote speakers should send their presentations on the same conditions as for the local presentations (see instructions for delivering presentations to the workshop).

    At the scheduled time of presentation the remote speaker connects via the VRVS system (or Skype). The workshop machine transmits previously received presentation, giving the remote speaker the possibility to observe the slides being shown to the audience. The remote speaker orders via voice "next slide please" and the person responsible changes the slide.


    Speakers are asked to prepare their presentations in an electronic form. The preferred format is Acrobat portable document format ( .pdf ), but Microsoft Power Point format ( .ppt ) is also accepted. In both cases it is preferable to use standard fonts. If you use special fonts you should make sure that they are legible and properly included in your presentation.

    A beamer will be available, and talks will be projected from a laptop computer provided by the workshop organizers. For scheduling reasons we do not recommend you to use your private computers.

    The preferred way for delivering presentation to the workshop is via file transfer. Speakers are requested to provide the workshop secretariat ( ) with the URL where their talk files can be downloaded from. Speakers can also e-mail the talk files as attachments to the ICFA secretariat. For safety reasons, however, you are welcomed to additionally bring a CD-ROM or a memory stick (USB drive) containing your presentation file. Access to the presentation via the file transfer or from external drives should be made to the workshop secretariat at least a day before the presentation takes place. Please make sure that the file name includes the appropriate file extension.

    The talk files will be linked to the programme agenda prepared with CERN Indico system.


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